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Private Investigations

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Premier Investigations specializes in surveillance, workers' compensation fraud, domestic cases, loss control, security consultations and background checks.  With over 15 years of experience, Premier Investigations is a Bonded, State Licensed Private Detective Agency (license #3701201492).  Premier Investigations believes in handling investigations in a professional, discreet and completely confidential manner.  All inquiries are welcome and appreciated.

Premier Investigations is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Premier Investigations has an extensive staff of experienced investigators with law enforcement backgrounds. As a result, we have a strong working knowledge of the legalities and professionalism of the investigation industry.

Premier Investigations is your 24/7 answer to your organization's surveillance, investigation, and protections needs.  No assignment is too large or too small.  We will provide complete investigative services for you organization.  Call today for pricing and information

PO Box 150962
Grand Rapids MI 49515-0962
Phone:  (616) 291-9226
Fax:  (616) 554-9854

Service List

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Criminal/Civil Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud - Worker's Compensation Fraud
  • Vehicle Tracking - Illegal use of Company Vehicles
  • Background Checks - Employees & Future Spouses
  • Finger Printing
  • Missing Persons
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Personal/Executive Protection
  • Security Consultations - Building, Factory, & Homes
  • Loss Control - Employee Theft
  • Domestic Cases
  • Surveillance (Overt & Covert)
  • Interviewing/Statements
  • Professional Court Testimony
  • Liquor Control Inspections - M.L.C.C. Compliance
  • Assets Location
  • Criminal History Checks
  • Under Cover Surveillance & Apprehension for Retail Fraud


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PO Box 150962
Grand Rapids MI 49515-0962
Phone: (616) 291-9226
Fax: (616) 554-9854
Mobile: (616) 291-9226